Festivals (Tshechu) are important events and celebrated through Bhutan. The term ‘Tshechu’ literally translates into 10th day of Bhutanese lunar calendarin commemoration of events of Guru Rimpochewhich is considered very auspicious. During Tshechus, thechaams (religious dances) are performed by either by monks or by lay men. The most popular religious festivals are Domchen and Tshechus, which are held annually in different part of country. They are many local communitiesdistinct to different villages that attract crowds from the remotest of villages. The festivals are important religious and social gathering. It is believed, by attending them one gain merit and blessing. People turn up for the festival in their finest cloth and jewelry.

The religious dance festivals are marked by masked dancers striking brocade costumes. They last two-five days and take place in court yards of the dzongs, Gompas and chortens. Its dance has its own significance and is performed by monks and villages. The Tshechu is usually ended with the display of Thongdrel (large scroll painting) of deities and saints which is believed to liberate people just by a mere glimpse of it.

The most popular festivals that attract foreign visitors are held in Paro during spring and in Thimphu and Bumthang during autumn. The famous naked dance and includes exotic fire dances which are intended to help childless women conceive.
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