Why Bhutan Personal Tours?

Today, when the world is vying to conceive reform and implement eco-friendly tourism, Bhutan has established itself as a distinct island where the society, the culture, the economy, policy and the environment are truly maintaining a most harmonious relationship. A mountainous country like Bhutan which consciously preserves its pristine natural and cultural heritage needs tourism that harmonizes and sustains the environment and acts synergistically to protect, preserve and conserve both nature and culture.

Guided by this premise, Bhutan Personal Tours, Bhutan, offers tourism services promoting the principal of “quality, responsible and sustainable tourism” through reliable, personalized and professional services to all its esteemed clientele.

Bhutan has over 1000 tour operators, who are all selling bit of everything to everybody, but Bhutan Personal Tours is different from any of those agents, we are here to cater to what u want and how you want, the idea originated from my 15 years in tourism industry. I get into correspondence and guide the group into field, this is only way to achieve personalized service. This will make your holiday profound memories that will last for your life time.

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